Mobile Dispatch – Truck Software

  • Driver to Dispatcher real time communicationmobile-trucking-software-dispatch
  • Driver pick up and drop off time logs
  • Dispatcher Messaging and Driver Field Updates
  • Driver Voice to Text
  • Driver Signature capture
  • Photo Capture of of ProBills, B/Ls, Freight Damage and any other images needed to be sent from Drivermobile-dispatch-photo-trucking-sofware
  • Document management auto stores multiples files such as PDF and JPEG in DTMS




This system provides remote access over the Internet for any mobile device that is Web enabled with a browser or Android device , giving drivers the ability to send status messages and receive instructions directly from the system.

It is interactive, flexible and fully programmable, allowing for more communication with driver and customers without tying up dispatchers valuable time. This gives dispatchers more time to focus on customers, planning and other essential duties.




Satellite & Fleet Management Solutions

With all satellite communication service providers, a full “Circle of Service” functionality can be added modularly to the general communications infrastructure.

The message set can be configured to the specific operation, such as:

  • Status updates
  • Satellite locations (longitude and latitude)
  • Driver Logs


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