5  Reasons Why You Should Implement Mobile Dispatch

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The transportation industry isn’t as straightforward as you’d think. To ensure proper coordination and smooth functioning, a lot of important aspects of the business, from scheduling to communication, proof of delivery to billing, rely on a massive amount of paperwork. This, however, makes the entire system vulnerable to glaring inefficiencies like missed deliveries or misrouted shipments, ultimately costing your business time and money.

To address these, companies are starting to rely on Transportation Management Systems (TMS) integrated with one key feature: Mobile Dispatch Proof of Delivery (POD). And more than just allowing you to implement a paperless system, here are important benefits that you can gain:


  1. You get real-time access to data

Mobile dispatch POD allows you transmit data while you’re on the road, instantly. As a result, office-based teams can immediately follow up on peripheral paperwork required, such as invoices; or resolve any issues with customers or deliveries in real-time.


  1. Better communication between drivers and dispatchers


Empowered with the ability to instantly communicate, drivers and dispatchers can easily manage possible issues that may come up as they go about their daily tasks. Certain systems even offer driver voice to text actions, allowing for constant communication between both parties and real-time field updates.


  1. Automated and streamlined document management

Removing manual data entries means you have an opportunity to automate and streamline key aspects of the entire delivery process to save time and money. For instance, features like consignee and driver signature capture or photo capture of deliveries let you address customer concerns at the speed of need. This is especially relevant in instances of freight damage, as it needs to be reported instantly. Additionally, you also have the capability to automatically store multiple files such as PDFs and JPEGs, in the cloud. This allows for easy access by both field and office-based teams.


  1. Reduce customer disputes

Real-time POD lets you capture critical data at the point of delivery, including GPS timestamps, images and signatures. Drivers can easily take an image of a package as it is brought to the consignee’s doorstep to attest to the quality of the package and record the time of delivery. Overall, it makes the system more transparent and helps in eliminating the possibility of customers claiming lost packages, undelivered items, damages or late deliveries.


  1. Helps raise productivity of your mobile teams

As mobile POD system supports automatic tracking and monitoring, drivers no longer have to constantly check in with dispatchers or office-based teams. This gives them more time to focus on the job at hand, complete more deliveries per day, focus on improving customer service, or facilitate the collection of other delivery-related data.


Mobile dispatch POD offers your business the opportunity to enhance fleet efficiency, bring down overhead costs, and raise customer satisfaction. However, not all platforms offer the right combination of functionalities, apps, and tools to provide you with the most robust system. You have to make the right choice and select a system that is feature-rich, scalable, reliable and tailored to your needs.


Degama’s Dynamic Transportation Management system, for example, includes mobile dispatch POD as part of its satellite and fleet management solution. And being a business that has been serving the industry since the 80s, you can rest assured that you’re entrusting this critical aspect of your transportation system in good hands.

And if you’d like to explore how Degama’s system can help improve your operations contact us at sales@degama.com