Administration Software

While most trucking packages integrate into a third-party software and provide little or no integration to the organization, DTMS is a fully integrated software solution. To you, this means that your trucking firm gains from DTMS integration because:

  • Only one customer file for operations and accounting – No need to update two customer files, which increase system stability
  • Multi-company and multi-division capabilities with a single consolidated general ledger. The main benefit is that DTMS can segregate operations for reporting and productivity purposes but still create reports for top management at the consolidated level. One organization using one solution.
  • Multi-currency
  • Drill down capabilities from Accounts payables and receivables into:
    • Order booking
    • Trip history
    • Settlements
  • Credit checks conducted by the system before an order is booked – Ensures you run loads for customers that pay
  • Seamless integration removes the need to ever have double-entry again, which saves time and avoids errors
  • Period based accounting systems – There is no need to delay the entry of documents while waiting for the previous month to be completed
  • Posted batch can be reversed (with proper security) to give complete flexibility