Communication is the key component. Multiple communication points allows for a more flexible and diversified system.

Orders can be received via:

  • EDI Transactions (204, 990, 214, 997, 820, 309, 355 & 358)
  • Internet Portal – Web Track and Trace
  • Directly from the customers internal systems

Clients can access status and performance information through an Internet track and trace facility.

Drivers and/or interline carriers can:

  • Update their stuatus or the order status, and receive orders through either:
    • Satellite (Qualcom/Cancom, Navistream, Shaw Tracking and many more)
    • Mobile technology including DTMS’s handheld devices (Andriod supported) See Partners Page for other supported systems.

Allowing drivers, customers, and interlines to have access to the system, in a controlled environment, can decrease the workload on dispatchers, increase customer service, and allow drivers to have a more proactive role in the processes of the firm.