Routing and Scheduling

Initially developed for the auto and tier one industries, the static routing package allows the vast majority of the regularly run routes to be dispatched automatically. The key components and unique features are:

  • Time line system calculates pickup times
  • Activity monitor and e-mail alerts notify key individuals of out of tolerance issues
  • Parts packaging utility helps establish optimum load configuration
  • Shunt system is included for yard management

The routes will represent an efficient and predetermined method to get the freight to the customer just in time.

This module saves enormous time, effort, and paperwork in continuously static environments, but still allowing dispatchers to modify and change routes, drivers, trucks, and loads on the fly.

Our philosophy is that no company’s operations are static, so why should the system be?

Using our Lights-out dispatch, dispatchers are notified of out of tolerance orders and exceptions, so they can spend their time on more important functions and customer service.