Accounting Software

DTMS Accounting is a fully functional and integrated accounting solution.

Alternatively, a 3rd Party Accounting solution may be used with DTMS.

DTMS Accounting

DTMS’ accounting package is robust, easy to use and configurable. The components look the same and have the same features so that learning to use DTMS Accounting is easy and quick.

The flexibility and robustness of our Accounting is unmatched by other systems. The benefit to you is full integration. DTMS streamlines your operations, optimizes performance and communication between departments and allows you to cross-train your personnel.

DTMS offers a fully integrated and robust accounting package, which includes four components:

Accounts Receivable

  • Sales data entered from:
    • Billing
    • Manually entered through transaction entry
  • Shares the same Client master files for ease of maintenance, credit checking and drill downs.
  • Cash receipts and adjustment transactions:
    • Automatically sequenced and aged according to their application
    • Full screen display of open items
    • Statement payments
    • Specific document number entry

Accounts Payable

  • Receives purchasing data from:
    • Fleet Maintenance
    • Interline Payables
    • Purchase Order sub-systems
  • Shares same vendor master file with operations for continuity.
  • Payment selections may be made:
    • Automatically by date or vendor
    • Choosing unpaid transactions from an interactive screen display
  • A Quick Cheque option enables you to enter an invoice, select a printer and produce a cheque in one ease process.

General Ledger

  • Sharing of the same chart of accounts
  • Data can be stored in detail or summary format in the G/L
  • Each period can have an unlimited number of batches
  • The chart of accounts may be divided up into three sections within company enabling multiple consolidations.

Financial Reporting

  • The query functions eliminate the need for some reports as information can be quickly accessed directly
  • Information can be directly exported to spread sheet packages for further analysis
  • Strong reporting capability including multiple selection criteria for any report
  • Create financial statements independently from the chart of accounts for:
    • Actual
    • Budget
    • Forecast
  • Define the comparatives for period or year, including:
    • Variances
    • Percentages
  • Consolidation can be performed on division/department and companies