Dispatch Software

degama-screen-driver-dispatch-opt-smallMobile Dispatch has empowered drivers to communicate with their dispatchers as well as send digital signatures with time stamps replacing paper trails.  See Mobile Dispatch page for more.

DTMS Dispatch Software:

  • Allow Dispatchers to quickly and easily:
    • Quote charges
    • Plan and schedule the fleet
    • Allocate freight to the resources
    • Monitor the activity
    • Report to customers and manage and communicate with drivers
  • Utilities assist in analyzing and assigning orders to resources
  • Dispatchers can choose how dispatch boards look and feel including their positioning
  • Tools to easily:
    • Preplan orders quickly and effortlessly by identifying the nearest load to the driver
    • Switch trailers on the fly
    • Support Multi-trailers
    • Cancel trips with a single click once they have begun and account for the trip without picking up the order or deleting it
    • 2 Click Dispatch for LTL and FT multitrips.
  • Find back-hauls using easily accessed historical data from customers
  • Filtering using selection criteria though DTMS’s unique Web Track and Trace:
  • Allows for quick ad-hoc reporting, and finding data quickly and effectively
  • Real-time dispatch allows for better capture of actual event times
  • Flexible system actually mimics real-life situations and scenarios in dispatch
  • Dispatchers can effortlessly move orders, assign resources and insert details or notes, making the job easier
  • Colour coding of out of tolerance orders and resources automatically show dispatch were to direct attention and acts as a safety net for dispatchers