EDI Trucking Software

EDI-logoDegama EDI Trucking Software Module provides a full range of transactions available including:

  • Invoicing (210)
  • Load Tendering (204 & 211)
  • Responses to Load Tenders (990 to 997)
  • Status updates (214) – Linked to real time satellite and handhelds, allowing for:
    • Location updates
    • Check calls, which are fully automated within dispatch

All X.12 standards (3040 & 4010) are supported. Flexible data transfer methods (ftp, van, http, soap) are integrated as part of this communication package.

EDI allows you to communicate with your customers and suppliers. With EDI you can receive orders and send status updates. This cuts down on order entry time significantly and also on phone time, having to call up customers and give them status updates. This really frees up your time and resources while providing an even higher level of customer service.

Well over 90% of the Fortune 500 use ANSI X12 or EDIFACT and Degama fully supports your customers EDI requirements.  Most commonly Retail and Manufacturing  customer will demand this for you to haul for them.

EDI can also be transmitted between your vendor trucking companies.

  • White Paper  “3 Advantages Trucking Companies Realize when EDI in a TMS” |Download|