Tracking and Tracing

A good operations system gets used, so we have made our dispatch and operations systems easy to use, yet powerful enough to capture all of the information you need, and capture the actions of your drivers. By offering amenities such as Web Track and Trace for your customers, handheld devices for your drivers, and full integration into the Garage or Shop, DTMS results in more communication across the entire organization.

The result is a system that helps increase efficiency and effectiveness of your personnel by decreasing labor spent on repetitive actions, yet also captures the pertinent information needed to create highly sophisticated and comprehensive reports. This way, your people are working smarter, and you can stay in control of your growth and understand where and why it’s happening.

Web Applications

There are services available over the Internet, including:

  • Track and trace of shipments by customers
  • Produce historical performance reports (KPI)
  • Submit orders

The result is increased self-customer service and decreased calls to your dispatchers, so that your personnel can focus on preplanning and efficient allocations of resources, but more importantly, focus on your important asset, the drivers.

Outside carriers can also communicate with the system:

  • Shipment status
  • Receive or commit to available loads
  • Access is secure and available only to authorized users.

This ensures that customer service does not degrade when using an outside carrier. It ties the carrier into your dispatch system and allows your personnel to ensure easy access to the order’s information and status. This makes dispatcher’s jobs easier and helps maintain customer service efficiently.