Order Management

The key is to only enter information once. This triggers  workflows to many modules including dispatch, drivers, the shop, operations & accounting.
With this process  it is easy to quickly recall and sift through vast amounts of data, information and orders saving 100s of hours.

DTMS order management sources of information:Order Management Truck Software

  • EDI (automated)
  • Internet using Web Track and Trace(automated)
  • Customer’s system (automated)
  • Fax (automated or manual)
  • Phone (manual)

Results in:

  • Quick order entry time, get orders into the system is less than 20 seconds.  (Book the  30 minute demo)
  • Auto Rating of bills is key to saving invoicing time wasted at the end of the order.
  • Configure the order entry screen anyway you want it, making the process more efficient and easier
  • All information captured begins the billing and accounting automation workflows
  • Enter as few or as many details as you want, it’s up to you

The goal of order booking is to be able to quickly and easily enter the necessary origin and destination, freight, and pickup and drop-off details in a few clicks possible.