Configurable, Flexible & Adaptable

DTMS offers a “configuration manager”, where different versions of application objects may be presented dynamically according to the user profile in each different company and installation site.

There are many ways to configure the application to best suit your type of business, which reduces or eliminates the need for specialized coding and its associated costs to implement and maintain.

  • High degree of configurability by user, and by site, company, or language.
  • User selectable options for reporting to Excel, XML, HTML, Adobe PDF, as well as ASCII text.
  • Standard windows look and feel that co-exists well with other applications
  • Integrates with complementary applications from partners such as:
    • Qualcomm/Cancom
    • Various Mileage Software
    • MS Office
    • Accounting Packages
    • Peripheral hardware such as scanners
  • Database choices include:
    • Progress
    • Oracle
    • SQL-Server