Easy to Use

DTMS was designed with one simple rule in mind:

If the system is difficult to use it won’t be used. It’s that simple.

Our efforts are focused around creating the most flexible, configurable, and adaptable system available on the market. We have gone to great lengths to simplify every process, every screen, and every action a trucking firm will ever use in our system.

Incorporated into the system are a number of management services:

  • Including the “profile manager” which actually “remembers” each end-user’s preferences

    • Quietly and continuously tailors the application according to those preferences

      • Consistent behavior
    • Industry standard look and feel
  • Multiple User Interfaces (Web, GUI)
  • Configurable to your local vernacular or language
  • User defined terminology used
  • Secure and robust environment
  • On-line context-sensitive help
  • Adapts to each user’s preferences
  • Integrates to desktop applications:

    • Excel
    • Word
    • Adobe PDF
    • Numerous Mapping Software
    • Various Optimization Software
    • XML
    • HTML
    • Crystal Reports
    • Rich standard functionality