The application “security manager” provides services that enable security to be defined on multiple levels, by users and roles, by either granting or revoking privileges for the user. Users may belong to multiple groups, and security may be defined and applied by specific user or group. Passwords are fully encrypted and illegible. Security structures include menu options, data ranges, actions (such as add, delete, modify, etc.), fields, buttons, and folder pages within windows.

System security not only helps ensure your applications conform to regulatory requirements (such as Sarbanes-Oxley), but also contribute to ease of use, by simplifying or eliminating unused elements of the application.

  • User and Password Security.
  • User Groups to define / update user security strategy based on roles, e.g. job functions.
  • Menu Security for securing access to user defined dynamic menu options.
  • Token Security for securing access to functions within an object, e.g. add, delete, modify, etc.
  • Field Security for securing updating or viewing of field contents, e.g. credit limits.
  • Data Security for securing access to specific data, e.g. log-in companies