Freight Brokerage

Many trucking firms have evolved a brokerage division to augment their operation and better meet their customer’s total requirements.

Dispatchers want a solution that will help find loads for the fleet during slow times and handle their customer’s needs when their fleet is too busy, and help in maintaining good customer service.

To achieve this, the ideal system would offer Interlines a web based dispatch so that carriers can update the status of the freight they are carrying. This way, customers do not see any degradation in service.

DTMS provides better service to you and your customers:

  • Increase customer service through quickly look up of complete:
    • Customer history and information
    • Carrier history and information
  • Easily pay bills and conduct freight audits, which are key components to a successful brokerage operation.
  • Comprehensive and flexible auto-rating and billing to save time and increase efficiency.
  • Easy to use interline management and payables to avoid double payments andmissed collections.
  • Web based non-asset dispatch and status updates to ensure customer service is not affected by brokerage operations.
  • Job cost and profitability analysis for financial controls, which is critical to successful operations.

RESULTS: DTMS handles Brokers like any other truck and driver in the firm, increasing the communication without increasing the workload for your personnel. DTMS also increases customer service and your response time.


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