Inbound Logistics & Routing

Inbound logistics happens to be a specialty field within the trucking industry especially for the auto industry.

The routing function is the module that sets the software apart from other trucking activities. Once designed, the routes represent an efficient and predetermined method to get the freight to the customer just in time.

Dispatchers generally only want to address the exceptional issues, yet be provided with a solution that has the ability to predict when freight needs to be picked up anywhere in North America to arrive on time.

DTMS provides tool to handle scheduling and logistics:

  • Regular route design and scheduling to save time on re-designing the same route time and time again.
  • Parts packaging system to establish optimum load configuration, saving time for the drivers and the dispatchers.
  • Shunt system for yard management integrated into the system. Dispatchers can access information on trailers at their finger tips.
  • Activity monitors displays any statuses outside specified norms, allowing dispatchers to focus on the exceptional issues.
  • Automatic e-mail alerts so dispatchers have a safety net without having to worry about every detail.

RESULTS: You can handle more trucks and orders with the same number of personnel. No extra work on their part. DTMS lets you work smart.

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