LTL Software

LTL carriers tend to have high volumes of small shipments that often require an extensive capture of freight details with “Quick” order entry and powerful Auto-Rating with intelligent consolidation features.

The goal is to get trucks on the road quicker, sometimes through preplanning, but still have the flexibility and functionality to easily modify routes, add pick ups and drop offs.

DTMS reduces workload through:

  • Configure order booking to capture all the order information needed so that the cross-dock and consolidation planning process can start even before the freight has arrived at the terminal. (See Order Management)
  • Accurate and efficient auto-rating and billing to save labor in high volume environments. (See Rating)
  • Efficient and extensive preplanning so that outbound manifests are prepared for the line hauls or next day deliveries and the process starts over again. (See Dispatch)
  • Tools and functions to easily create and optimize loads from separate groups or routes and assign resources efficiently.
  • Produce detailed manifest for dock workers and drivers.
  • Good communication with the drivers (including In-cab communication) to report the status of the various orders and resources.
  • As few clicks as possible to complete an action. With DTMS, each dispatcher can choose the screen look and feel.
  • Enhanced export to Excel for regular and ah-hoc reporting.

RESULTS: DTMS reduces workload, making dispatch EFFICIENT and leading to an EFFECTIVE OPERATION

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