Why Degama Transportation Software?

  • Degama’s Dynamic Transportation Management System (DTMS) has been serving the transportation industry since 1984.
  • Trucking Management Software like DTMS can be used to improve every level of a transportation company.
  • Degama’s TMS is used by some of the largest haulers because it is easy to integrate and highly configurable.
  • We have developed a Custom TMS that saves high volume trucking & freight operations time and money through automation.
  • With strong Dispatch and Operations modules, a robust Accounting engine, and additional modules to enhance various business units, you can crawl, walk and run with DTMS.
  • Avoid duplicate entries, improve communication, improve efficiency and decrease costs.

DTMS Core Features

Degama’s Dynamic Transportation Management System (DTMS) in fleets across Canada and the United States

DTMS Order Management

Order Management

Manual entries by dispatch or operations personnel
EDI (automated)
Customer’s system (automated)
DTMS Portal Track and Trace (automated)

DTMS Order Management

Dispatch & Planning

Quote Charges
Plan and Schedule the Fleet
Allocate Freight 
Monitor Activity
Report to Customers
Manage and Communicate with Drivers
DTMS Order Management

Billing & Rating

Generate Invoices
Email Invoices
Combine Order Invoices
Invoice by Batch or Order

DTMS Order Management


Easily Create Quotes
Change Quote Templates
Store and Retrieve Past Quotes

DTMS Order Management

Document Management

Attach scanned documents to invoices.

Auto email delivery

DTMS Order Management

Safety & Compliance

Manage Driver Certificates
Manage Vehicle Certificates
Keep Track of Expiry Dates & Due Dates
Trigger Notifications for Staff & Drivers

Sectors of Operation

Full-TruckLoad (FTL)

Brokerage & 3PL

Flat Deck & Heavy Hauling

Less-Than-TruckLoad (LTL)

Inbound Logistics (JIT)

Automotive Logistics


Timely and more accurate billing.

Flexibility. Robust. Ability to connect to other software. Willingness to make additions. It is great that they can host the software.

Mike S.


Degama is an amazing company to work with. They take the time to understand your processes and what it is you would like out of their total trucking software. They can easily design new reports or new imports of your data to merge with existing route data. DTMS goes above and beyond the level of service I have ever received from any other software company.

Sheila B.

Accountant - DTMS Specialist