How DEGAMA Is Different

  • ZWe service our clients, that’s the bottom line
  • We have 24 hour emergency support
  • We make sure you’re up and running consistently and constantly whether you are in the cloud or on premise
  • We have dedicated account managers for each client so you are talking to someone who knows and understands your business


Degama is an amazing company to work with. They take the time to understand your processes and what it is you would like out of their total trucking software. They can easily design new reports or new imports of your data to merge with existing route data. DTMS goes above and beyond the level of service I have ever received from any other software company.

Sheila B.

Accountant - DTMS Specialist

Timely and more accurate billing.

Flexibility. Robust. Ability to connect to other software. Willingness to make additions. It is great that they can host the software.

Mike S.


“DTMS is very easy to use. Our dispatchers love the program. It suits every need they have. Any support needed from the Degama is prompt and efficient.”
Sharon K.

Accounting Manager

”Degama was selected because we liked their transportation expertise, competitive pricing and ability to customize their solutions to integrate internal and external software used at Arrow.”
Wayne H.


It’s a very user friendly program. We find it very easy to use and easy to train new employees.

Enzo P

General Manager

”Degama is probably the best investment we’ve made in our company right after the trucks and personnel. Our Degama system has been bulletproof since the day it was installed. Degama has taken a lot of the pain out of our rapid growth. Having DTMS has allowed us to better manage our assets and drastically increased our productivity.”” 
Phil P.

IT Systems Manager

I can’t say enough about the Degama team. Top to bottom, they understand what needs to be done and also understand the importance of getting it done quickly. They were very helpful in the initial setup of the software, and continued support has been excellent.

Dan B

President, J&D Brokerage

”Degama’s understanding of the transportation industry, combined with support they provide … allow us to manage our freight movements with minimal effort.”
Dave M.

Director of Operations

“DTMS is a very stable and robust application… we have realized impressing manpower savings and increased data accuracy…”
Ches B.


We originally started with order entry and accounting. Over the early years we added different features of the system and have always been successful with their implementation. When hiring new staff, the system is easily understood by the new staff member. We generally train a person on the easiest (most repetitive) accounts. The learning curve for most people with no experience with Degama is very quick. The part we had the most trouble bringing in was dispatch, and that was our personnel not liking change. They love the system now.

Derm H.