DTMS Core Features

  • DTMS Core Features provide the necessary modules for a TMS solution
  • DTMS Enhancements provide optional modules to assist any sector of the Transportation Industry
  • DTMS is Configurable and Flexible to suite the needs of your business

DTMS Enhancements

Fleet Maintenance 

Increase communications with mechanics in the shop. DTMS Fleet Maintenance can:

  • Schedule the Shop
  • Track Units Due for Service
  • Generate Work Orders
  • Manage Parts Inventory
  • Monitor Warranties
  • Track Mechanics Time
  • Vehicle Maintenance History
  • Manage 3rd Party Vehicle Work
  • Manage Equipment Due for service
  • Manage Mechanics Work Order

Dispatchers can receive notes on requests for truck repairs and notify both the driver and the mechanic about scheduling and time availability.

Accounting only needs to check and verify the data.

Take the Fleet Maintenance module deeper with the Mechanic’s App to let mechanics login from the shop floor!


DTMS can assist with Driver and Broker pay regardless of how you pay. 

Driver pay rates can be based on:

  • Percentage
  • Flat Rate
  • Commodity
  • Weight
  • Piece
  • Mile / Kilometer
    • Empty 
    • Loaded

Various deductions can be automatically withheld:

  • Reoccurring deductions, including:
    • Truck Repairs
    • Fuel Charges
  • Percentage deductions, including:
    • Overhead charges
    • Advances

IFTA Reporting, multi-currency and team driving are all supported and included in the DTMS Settlements module


Provide a higher level of service to customers and suppliers. EDI and web services allowing clients to enter orders and receive and send order status updates.

DTMS provides a full range of EDI transactions including:

  • Invoicing (210)
  • Load Tendering (204 & 211)
  • Responses to Load Tenders (990 to 997)
  • Status updates (214) allowing for:
    • Location updates
    • Check calls (fully automated in DTMS)
  • All X.12 standards (3040 & 4010) are supported. Flexible data transfer methods (ftp, van, http, soap)
  • EDI can also be transmitted between you

Mobile Dispatch

Allow for real time communication with the operations teams without phone calls. DTMS allows for drivers and dispatch to send back and forth: 

  • Order information and details
  • Digital Signatures
  • Messages
  • Pictures (Freight Damage, Load Securement, Tarps, Locations, Weather, Equipment)
  • Time stamp audits of driver pickup, drop-off and cross docking
  • “OK dispatch” enables hands-free Driver Voice-to-Text actions for notes

Enable DTMS Customer Portal to give live location of freight to customers.


DTMS has the same full functionality found in many commercial accounting software programs but is tailored and specialized for transportation companies. Full drill down capabilities. Credit checks performed on accounts before booking an order. DTMS supports multi-company operations and can track multiple sets of books individually regardless of how the operation is segmented. DTMS matches revenues to costs allowing for in-depth analysis ensuring effective use of every driver, truck and trailer. 

DTMS has various 3rd party accounting software available as an Integration.

Track & Trace – Customer Portals 

Improve customer service and share operational information with customers. Use DTMS Track and Trace to decrease phone calls and allow customers to:

  • Submit Orders
  • Track & Trace Shipments by Customer
  • Produce Historical Performance Reports (KPI)

Provide access to outside carriers so brokered loads and 3rd parties can:

  • Update Shipment Status
  • Receive or Commit to Available Loads
  • Access is secure and available only to authorized users


DTMS can adapt and integrate itself to existing business processes and software. 

DTMS Freight Barcode Scanning


  • Barcode Scan On Delivery, Scan on Unload and Scan on Load. Automatically feed this information to DTMS for load and delivery status changes.
  • Ideal for Skids, Bags, Drums, Cattle and any other Barcoded Freight.

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